Dr Amina Abubakar Sani Bello: Championing the cause of Rural Women!


Dr Amina Abubakar Sani Bello, First Lady of Niger State, is a reputable medical practitioner who has proved her worth in no small measure in the field of public health. A medical expert, she has attended various national and international conferences to further enhance her medical intellect. She had wanted to be a lawyer, but destiny has a way of directing the life of human beings.
Born in 1973 in Benin City, she attended Federal Government Girls College in Bakori, Katsina State. Having performed creditably well in her school certificate examination, she proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, for her first degree in medicine. After the completion of her study, she did her residency at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH). Not resting on her oars, Dr. Amina went ahead to bag her master’s degree in Public Health from Liverpool University, UK. Over the years, she has not only shown her class in the practice of public health, but has also proved her sagacity in the administrative circle.

She respects every person that comes across her no matter his social status. She believes in excellent performance and recognizes such efforts in individuals who prove their hard work. Apart from rest of mind that she is proud to be born with, she is a peace loving woman since her childhood days, though sometimes she looks like a wounded lioness that is ready to step on toes in order to bring solution to problems affecting the society no matter their difficulties. She is the type of woman who loves challenges, because according her life it is very challenging.

Besides her leadership prowess and qualities, Amina is unlike others; she is very friendly; humane, simple in driving desired goals, open and generous to all humanity without considering where you come. She harps on people’s experience or ideas, a peaceful orientor who is always ready to listen to people born with talent to advise her on how to come out with strategies on taking mothers and their children to stardom. Having listening ears made her a force to reckon in a short time. Dr Amina Bello has through her pet project, RAISE Foundation, given succour 63 Vesico Vaginal Fistula VVF and 1,029 cervical cancer victims who undertook surgeries at her expense, just as she also empowered over 1,500 women in rural areas. She sponsored 1,145 women to be screened for breast cancer in the three senatorial district of the state. The breakdown of the surgeries shows that 19 VVF surgeries were done in Kontagora General Hospital, 30 in Umaru Sanda Ndayako Hospital, 10 in Minna General Hospital while 4 victims were referred to Katsina Fistula Centre for treatment.

She renovated a 20-bed ward at Kontagora General Hospital for the treatment of VVF patients. The Press Secretary to the wife of the governor, Aisha Wakaso added that “More attention was given to women in rural areas of the state where 650 women out of 1,145 were screened in collaboration with 5th Chucker Polo and Country Club during the breast cancer awareness month in 2015. 304 women were screened during the breast cancer awareness week 2016, 80 during a medical outreach at Anfani village in Mashegu Local Government, 50 during a medical outreach at Rofia in Agwara Local Government, 30 at Gbajibo during medical outreach while 31 women were screened at RAISE Foundation screening centre.

She said out of those screened during the breast cancer awareness week in 2016, 15 tested positive with 13 of them being referred for mammography and 9 requiring surgery, saying only 6 of those who were referred for mammography needed biopsies which Dr Bello paid for while two who already had advanced cancer were referred to Shika, Kaduna State.

Greatness is eventually judged not by the length of days, but how one has been able to use his time on earth to make meaningful contribution to the life of others around him. If Amina is named the most influential among her contemporaries in the country one might not be wrong. If she is regarded as sage, silent achiever or hope of hopeless or architect of development why is it so? What did she do that was different or what were others doing that she had done differently to create a niche for herself in the chronicles of this life.

In her visit at female and paediatric wards at the General Hospital, Minna, Dr Amina Abubakar Bello said as a consultant gynaecologist, she would want to contribute to the treatment of women in the hospital.

She said, “My visit is to see how I can contribute to the society. That is what I do. I see pregnant women, I see women with problems, I operate on women on caesarean section; that is what I intend to do as my own contribution. The hospital should expect better services.

“I would like to contribute my own quota, visit some of these women, spend time with them, helping with their surgeries and deliveries.

“I also need to see how the premises, where I will render my services, looks like. And I am very happy because the environment is so clean despite the old structures”.

The governor’s wife, however, decried the inadequate bed space in the hospital.

“It is too small. In a place where you have 600 deliveries, you have only 20 beds? It is not encouraging”, she added. The Permanent Secretary of the Hospital Management Board, Dr. Makusidi Muhammad, commended the governor’s wife for her input and readiness to contribute her own quota.

He also disclosed that the rate of infant and maternal mortality in Niger State has reduced.

The tremendous success recorded by her pet project under the stewardship of her husband was instantaneous, was not because there were enough resources thrown into it, but because the vision was clear, the need was obvious, the reason was cogent and the hour was ripe.

Amina is a complete human being, a woman with good character, helpful, very courageous, obedient, very resourceful in fact there are no adjectives to qualify her, she was very patient, very tolerant and she had a good foresight, very wonderful, one who had the desire of transforming the life of rural dwellers through her ability of taking them to greater height.

Erudite medical practitioner is a quintessential diva. A diva is a woman who can take care of business, successfully run her home and still be available to friends and family that needs her. Such a woman is faithful and loyal and not afraid of letting others into her world. In short a real diva is divine, inspired, victorious, and anointed for a special purpose, because there is that special thing that sets some people glowing apart from others. That certain special difference, that quality is always hard to define because it is a tantalizing mixture of so many things. My observation on Dr Amina Abubakar Bello is that she is a woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to let the world know it through her self-service to down trodden in the society.

Dr Amina’s humane posture and welfarism began right from her days at the primary school where she associated herself with poor children. She assisted them and interacted with the lowly place in the society in spite of her privileged position and by so doing she was loved by all and sundry since her childhood. This, according to investigations conducted by this writer, informed her direct access to people and how she handled issues affecting them.

Her humility and simplicity has further endeared her to the people and guided her brand of leadership and politics in the society. A strong advocate of rural women empowerment, maternal/child health and participation of women in politics she is a patron to many associations. A precious mother and virtuous wife, who transverse the earth like a colossus, not only was she is inestimable to Dr Abubakar Bello, the Executive Governor of Niger State and her adorable children, she was invaluable to humanity, more especially to Nigerians who shall forever relish the enduring legacy she bequeathed to us in all the places she work to date.

Visionary and highly intelligent woman, she was full of ideas, very caring person with a pleasant disposition, and full of kindness, amiable, hospitable and ever vivacious. She come across as detached and straight faced Amazon of high magnitude; she combines the rare attributes of beauty, brains, charm and elegance. She is friendly, warm and appears on top for her brief. Even now her hazel eyes still mesmerized, her charm is enchanting and her grasp and articulation of issues impressive, she is indeed Nigerian’s Diamond of inestimable value when it comes to rendering service to humanity through her expertize profession which many believes was in her blood.

Niger State is not only lucky to have Dr Abubakar Sani Bello as a governor but they are equally lucky to have a woman of all seasons as a mother.



“Jagorancin Gwamna Sani Bello: Mu A Jihar Neja Alhamdulillahi” Inji Alhaji Bello SGT


Jihar Neja kamar yadda mai karatu ya sani gida ce ga manyan ‘ya’yan Najeriya, jaruman da suka amsa sunayen su a fagen daga kuma suka tabbatarwa duniya cewa kasar tana da nagartattun ‘ya’ya wadanda ta kowacce hanya ka dauki tarihin ci gaban bil Adam a duniya ba zai cika ba sai da sunayen su. Jiha ce da take matsayin gida ga masana a kowanne fanni na bunkasar rayuwa, tattalin arziki, mulki, kasuwanci, noma da kiwo da kuma abin da ya shafi addini. Tana cikin jihohin dake karawa tattalin arzikin kasar nan bunkasa saboda tana da ma’adinai da kuma arzikin karkashin kasa a kowacce karamar hukumar dake jihar, ta kasance uwa ga manoman rani domin tana da wuraren noman rani da ake noma abubuwan dake karawa kasa kaurin kudaden shiga a cikin asusun cikin gida da kuma na waje tun duniyar da, a yau kuma duk wani abin da yake  kara kaurin kudin shiga ana noma shi a jihar, itace gidan hamshakiyar madatsar ruwar nan da aka fi sani da suna Kayiji, jihar tana cikin jihohin da ake noman Shinkafa da Alkama da kuma Auduga da Gyada babu kama hannun yaro, haka kuma ta kasance tauraruwa a bangaren noman Kifi ko baya ga kiwon dabbobi iri da dama. Idan aka ce za a yiwa mutum bayyanin irin dimbin albarkatun da Allah ya yiwa jihar ga wanda bai san abin da ake kira duniya ba, sai ya dauka kana karya ne kurum. Gida ce ga tsofaffin shugabanin kasa na soji watau, Alhaji Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida da Alhaji Abdulsalami Abubakar, haka ita gida ce ga jaruman sojoji irin su Alhaji Sani Bello da Alhaji Muhammadu Wushishi da Gado Nasko da Marigayi Muhammadu Kwantagora da Marigayi Alhaji Musa Makaman Nupe da sauran hamshakan mutane maza da mata wadanda tarihin Najeriya baya kammala sai da sunayen su. Jihar kuma tana alfahari da gudumuwar da Marigayiya Hajiya Maryam Babangida  ta bayar a lokacin rayuwar ta, inda ta kasance mace ta farko a Najeriya da ta fito da shiri domin bunkasa rayuwar matan karkara, wannan shirin shi ne ya kasance dalilin daukaka darajar mata da kuma samar masu dogaro mai amfani ta hanyar sana’o’in hannu na da da kuma na zamani. Wannan shiri na ta shi ne ya bude kofar samar da shirye shirye domin bunkasa rayuwar mata da yara marasa galihu a cikin al’umma, kuma tun daga lokacin sauran matan shugabanin kasa suka ci gaba da fitowa da shirye shirye da manufar ba da ta su gudumuwa a wannan fanni, haka abin yake a wurin matan gwamnoni da shugabannin kanannan hukumomi a wasu jihohi, wannan kuma ya taimaka wajen fitowa da kungiyoyi da hukumomi masu zaman kansu duka dai da manufar bunkasa al’umma saboda gane cewa gwamnati kowacce iri ba ta iya samar da komai ga mutane sai sun tallafa mata. Wannan ginin na ta kuma ya bunkasa rayuwar mata masu juna biyu da ‘ya’yansu a karkara ta hanyar samun bayyanai dangane da amfanin allurar rigakafi da ake yiwa yara da sauransu.

A wannan jihar ce aka haifi Alhaji Dokta Abubakar Sani Bello watau madugun jihar na yanzu, wanda tun kafin a zabe shi yake cikin matasan da ake tunanin za su iya jagorancin mutane saboda nagartattun halayensa da iya hulda da jama’a da kuma kishin jihar sa da ake ganin tamkar ya zama masa jini a jika, ya sha nanatawa cewa idan Allah ya ara mashi lokaci sai ya ba da gagarumar gudumuwar da za ta daga martabar jihar da mutanen ta, Allah ya karbi addu’arsa ta hanyar zabensa da mutane a jihar suka yi a shekarar 2015 domin ya kasance sabon Gwamnan Jihar a karkashin Jam’iyyar APC.

Tun lokacin da aka damka mashi wannan amana ta kawowa jihar da mutanen ta daukin da ya kamace su ya himmantu domin ganin ya baiwa marada ganin cewa shi da ne ga tsohon gwamnan mulkin soji na Jihar Kano watau Alhaji Sani Bello wanda ya taka muhimmiyar rawa a dukkanin wuraren da ya yi aiki zuwa a yau da ya kasance tamkar jirgin fiton talakawa saboda karimcinsa da kuma sakin fuskarsa ga al’umma. Duk kuwa da cewa Gwamna Abubakar Sani Bello yana cikin gwamnonin da suka gaji dimbin bashi wanda wadanda suka gabace su, suka ciyo, amma ya jajerce wajen ganin ya aiwatar da ayyukan bunkasa rayuwar mutane dake zaune a karkara ganin babban birnin jihar da wasu manyan biranen jihar ba su bukatar ayyukan raya kasa saboda wasu daga cikin gwamnonin da suka mulki jihar sun bunkasa su, haka kuma tsohon shugaban mulkin soji watau Madawakin Minna Alhaji Ibrahim Babangida ya aiwatar da ayyuka da dama domin fitowa da mahaifarsa ga idanun duniya. Wani dalali da ake ganin ya sanya gwamnan daukar mataki bunkasar rayuwar mutanen karkara inji Alhaji Bello Musa, wanda aka fi sani da Bello SGT shi ne a lokutta da dama mutane da suke zaune a karkara a bar su a baya alhali da su ake birni, kuma ko baya ga miliyoyin kuri’un da suka jefawa gwamnan, su ne ke samar da kaso mafi tsoka na kudaden shiga ta hanyar noma da kiwo da wasu hanyoyin kasuwanci amma kuma sai ka ga an bar su cikin rayuwar rashin tabbas, babu hanyoyin mota domin su samu saukin kai kayan amfanin gona a kasuwa ko kuma domin sada zumunci daga nan zuwa can. Kawo yanzu dai inji shi, Gwamna Abubakar Sani Bello ya dukufa wajen ganin muhimman matsalolin dake aman barazana ga rayuwar mutane dake zaune a karkara sun kasance tarihi, wannan kuwa kamar yadda ya nuna a fili yake ganin yadda  gwamnatinsa ta mayar da hankalin ta a kan gyara tare da sake fasalin wasu hanyoyi da gadajoji domin samar da walwala da bunkasar rayuwa a dukkanin kanannan hukumomin jihar.

Hanyoyin da dama cikin wadanda ake aikin su a yanzu kafin zuwan wannan gwamnatin kamar yadda Alhaji Bello SGT ya nuna suna zaman barazana ne ga al’ummomin dake amfani da su, har ta kai a wasu yankuna sai mutane sun yi zagaye ta hanyar shiga wasu yankuna dake kusa da su sannan su ke samun zuwa babban birnin jihar, musamman a lokacin damina, amma yanzu kam dukkanin wanda ya dade bai ziyarci su irin wadannan hanyoyin ba zai sha mamaki idan ya ga yadda matsalolin su, suka kasance tarihi. Shi wannan aiki inji wannan matashi ana gabatar dashi ne a karkashin wata hukuma da aka kirkiro domin mayar da karkara birni (watau Rural Access and Mobility Project a Turance) a karkashin kashin farko na aikin wanda yanzu haka an kammala kashi 60 cikin dari na dukkanin ayyukan inda za a samar da hanyoyi masu tsawon kilomita 176 a sassa daban daban na jihar. Hanyoyin inji Bello SGt sun hada da wadda ta tashi daga Mokwa zuwa Jaagi zuwa Kudu a Karamar Hukumar Mokwa wadda ke da tsawon kilomita 45.2km, sai wadda ta tashi daga Auna zuwa Tungan Jika zuwa Shafi a cikin Karamar Hukumar Magama mai tsawon kilomita 36.6km, sai hanyar da ta tashi daga Wuyan Suman zuwa Lemu dake cikin Karamar Hukumar Gbako mai tsawon kilomita 36.9km da kuma wadda ta tashi daga mahadar Sulu zuwa Tafa da take cikin yankunan Kanannan Hukumonin Gurara da Tafa mai tsawon kilomita 6.6km. Akwai wadda ta tashi daga Sabon Wuse zuwa Ijah zuwa Gwari dake cikin Karamar Hukumar Tafa mai tsawon kilomita 8.km, da wadda ta tashi daga Izom zuwa Abuchi zuwa Suleja a cikin yankunan Kanannan Hukumomin Gurara da Suleja mai tsawon kilomita 21km da kuma wata hanya da zaizayar kasa ta sanya ta kasancewa hadari ga rayuwar mutanen dake yankin Wawa zuwa Malale dake cikin Karamar Hukumar Borgu mai nisan kilomita 21km, haka kuma yanzu haka ana aikin samar da gada mai tsawon mita 45M a kauyen Jika dake cikin Karamar Hukumar Magama, da kwalbati a  Karamar Hukumar Gogata Edati da Eyangi Liman dake yankin Karamar Hukumar Agaye da Dabban a cikin Karamar Hukumar Lavun inda ake gada mai tsawon mita 15M da kuma ginin kwalbati a kauyen Kutirko zuwa Sallawu a cikin Karamar Hukumar Agaye da kuma gyaran wasu kwalbatocin a kauyukkan Ragadawa Babandogo da Gangaren Sagi dake cikin Karamar Hukumar Kwantagora da wasu a kauyukkan Adogon Malam da Mazakuka duk a cikin Karamar Hukumar Mashegu, sai kuma wanda yanzu haka aka kare a Ibeto Wata Gyengi dake cikin karamar hukumar Magama, da kuma kwatankwacin aikin da ake yi a kauyen Mukugi Adako zuwa Achitukpa a cikin karamar hukumar Lapai, sai kuma  aikin gada a kauyen Emigi Manzhi dake karamar hukumar Gbako da kuma aikin ginin kwalbati a kauyen Nakpankuchi dake karamar hukumar Bosso da wanda ake yi a Makera dake cikin karamar hukumar Wushishi da kuma a kauyen Maikujeri a karamar hukumar Rafi da kuma aikin gada a Sabondaga dake cikin karamar hukumar Bosso da kuma wata gadar da ake gininta a kauyen Wyela dake karamar hukumar Gurara.

Sai kuma aikin kwalbati a kauyen Sarkin Pawa dake cikin karamar hukumar Munya da wani da ake yi a kauyen Gunudna a karamar hukumar Bosso da wanda halin yanzu ake yi a kauyen Ishau a cikin karamar hukumar Paikoro. Yanzu haka kuma inji Bello SGT an kammala aikin samar da hanya irin ta karkara a mahadar Sabon Wuse zuwa Ijah zuwa Gwari a cikin karamar hukumar Tafa, bugu da kari kuma an kare aikin ginin gidaje a kauyen Leshigbe dake kan hanyar Wawa zuwa Malale dake cikin karamar hukumar Borgu, yanzu haka kuma inji shi ana aikin hanyar da ta tashi daga kauyen Rafin Yashi zuwa Shata dake cikin karamar hukumar Bosso. Kimanin hanyoyin karkara 25 shirin na biyu zai aiwatar nan ba dadewa ba inji shi, ko baya ga wasu muhimman ayyuka da gwamnatin ke shirin aiwatarwa a kowanne bangare da zai kawo walwala da jin dadin mutane a jihar. Hanyoyin da za a yi ko kuma a sake masu fasali sun hada da wadda ta tashi daga Kutigi zuwa Dasun zuwa Tashan Hajiya, da wadda ta tashi daga Doko zuwa Gaba zuwa Sheshi da wadda ta tashi daga Doko zuwa Emigugbagi zuwa Jebo da wadda ta tashi daga Patibokungi zuwa Jebo zuwa Angase dukkaninsu suna cikin yankin karamar hukumar Lavun ne. Sai hanyar da ta tashi daga Gulbin Boka zuwa Ragada zuwa Bangi da wadda ta tashi daga Kampanin Bobi zuwa Bangi dake cikin karamar hukumar Mariga. Sai wadda ta tashi daga Bida zuwa Gaba zuwa Busu zuwa Elomi dake cikin karamar hukumar Bida. Sai aikin hanya daga Baddegi zuwa Ebba zuwa Kataregi dake cikin karamar hukumar Katcha, da wadda ta tashi daga Kagara zuwa Madaka dake cikin yankin karamar hukumar Rafi. Akwai wadda ta tashi daga Fellegi zuwa Shafini sai kuma daga Kaboji zuwa Matane zuwa Mashegu dake cikin karamar hukumar Mashegu, da wata da tashi daga Wushishi zuwa Makusidi zuwa Bida a cikin karamar hukumar Wushishi da kuma wadda ta tashi daga Kwantagora zuwa Ibanga zuwa Rafin zuwa Gora a cikin karamar hukumar Kwantagora. Sai kuma aikin hanya daga Gadar Daku zuwa Sabon Doki dake cikin karamar hukumar Gurara da Tafa, sai hanyar da ta tashi daga Maitunbi zuwa Pina zuwa Kuta dake cikin kanannan hukumomin Bosso/Shiroro da kuma daga Sulu zuwa Kabo dake cikin kanannan hukumomin Suleja/Gurara, da wadda ta tashi daga Rijau zuwa Genu zuwa Magama zuwa Daji dake cikin Magama/Rijau, akwai kuma wadda ta tashi daga Wuyakantin zuwa Etus Tasha zuwa Kpategi dake cikin karamar hukumar Edati, sai kuma daga Kataeregi zuwa Gbangba zuwa Lemu a cikin Katcha/Gbako, da wata da ta tashi daga Luma zuwa Shagunu dake cikin karamar hukumar Borgu. Sai daga Agwara zuwa Mago zuwa Shefaci dake cikin Agwara/Borgu da wata daga Tsohuwar Gawu zuwa Tuna zuwa Farindoki dake cikin karamar hukumar Gurara, sai kuma daga Kuta zuwa Kobwa zuwa Rafi zuwa Layi dake cikin karamar hukumar Shiroro, sai daga Pandogari zuwa Bassa Gurmana zuwa Erena dake cikin karamar hukumar Rafi/Shiroro da kuma daga Gulu zuwa Evuti zuwa Lambata dake cikin karamar hukumar Lapai.

Alhaji Bello SGT ya nemi mutane a jihar da su ci gaba da baiwa gwamnati goyon baya ta hanyar kiyayewa da dokoki da kuma kawar da kai daga yada jita jita, ya roki mutane a jihar musamman manoma da su yi hattara wajen kona daji a cikin wannan lokaci, ya kuma nemi mutane su zauna lafiya saboda sai da zaman lafiya ne jihar za ta bunkasa.


Bill and Melinda Gates Are Paying Off Nigeria’s $76 Million Debt to Japan


As some leaders are increasing their focus on issues solely within their own borders, Bill and Melinda Gates continue to show the importance of looking outward — and they’ve demonstrated this yet again by announcing they will settle Nigeria’s $76 million debt to Japan.

Nigeria’s debt to Japan is the result of Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) provided by the Japanese government in 2014 for increased polio eradication efforts.

The country has made great strides in its efforts to eliminate the disease thanks to this funding.

Nigeria did not record a wild case of polio from July 2014 to August 2016, when two cases were reported.

No new cases of the wild poliovirus were reported in 2017 and there were only four cases reported in 2016, according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

All of this means that Nigeria is very close to eradicating polio, which would leave just two countries in the world where the disease is still endemic, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Global Citizen campaigns to eradicate polio and ensure all individuals have access to good healthcare. You can take action here.

As the largest private philanthropic organization in the world, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spends just over $3 billion a year on development assistance, according to The Guardian.

Eradicating polio is one of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s top priorities. In fact, at the last annual Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, the Gates Foundation announced it would match two-to-one Rotary’s commitment to raise $50 million a year over the next three years, which would result in $450 million towards polio eradication efforts.

“Some people, especially these days, think the world is getting worse,” Gates said at the convention  last June. “The progress on polio is a reminder of what people can accomplish when they are bold, determined, and willing to work together.”

While the Gates family is notoriously generous and forward-thinking when it comes to supporting the accomplishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Bill Gates has said that organizations like his foundation are not prepared to fill the gaps that could result from foreign aid cuts like those proposed by US President Donald Trump.

“Helping other countries fight poverty and disease makes the world more stable, and it makes Americans and people everywhere safer. Foreign aid delivers a fantastic return on investment,” Gates said at the convention.

Polio eradication efforts have not only helped eliminate the disease in most countries, but they have led to better health systems and improved responses to other global health crises like ebola and Zika.

Nigeria’s Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun announced the debt repayment on Tuesday in Abuja when she met with Japanese House of Councillors Parliamentarians.

The repayment was set to begin four years after Japan’s loan in 2014, which is what has now sparked the repayment.


Muna Abusulayman: The Shinning Star of Saudi Kingdom


Muna Abusulayman is a well-known television personality and co-host of the top-rated MBC show Kalam Nawaem. The show focuses on cultural, social, and gender issues and has a worldwide viewing audience. Muna was the founding Secretary General of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, where she focused on women’s empowerment, East-West cross-civilizational programs, and strengthening educational institutions in the Middle East. Muna works as a Partner with Directions Consultancy focusing on improving philanthropy in the Middle East, and with Glowork, a company working to increase female employment in the Gulf States.  She started her career as a lecturer in American Literature at King Saud University.

“Yaudarar Talakawa Kawai Gwamna el Rufai Ke Yi Dangane Da Ilimin ‘Ya’yansu” inji Sakataren Jam’iyyar PDP Na Jihar Kaduna


Mene ne dalalin da ya sanya ka ziyarar garin Saminaka a makon da ya wuce?

Wusono: Ai naje garin Saminaka ne domin in wakilci Shugaban Jam’iyyar PDP na Jihar Kaduna Hon. Hassan Hyet a wajen bukin karrama Sanata Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi da wasu matasa suka yi dangane da kyakkyawan jagorancin da ya yiwa jam’iyyarmu a matakin kasa, wanda ya haifar da nasarori masu dimbin yawa, daya daga cikin su shi ne samun nasarar gabatar da babban taron jam’iyyar a matakin kasa da kuma samo bakin zaren matsaloli da dama da suka kawowa jam’iyyar tarnaki a baya. Wannan ne dalalin da ya sanya matasan Karamar Hukumar Lere ‘ya’yan wannan jam’iyya suka shirya masa kyauta ta musamman domin karfafa mashi gwiwa domin ko bayan wannan jagoranci da ya yi, ya kuma ci gaba da baiwa jam’iyyar goyon baya domin ta cimma dukkanin nasarorin da ta sanya a gaba nan gaba. Ko bayan shi sanatan sun kuma baiwa shugaban jam’iyyar mu na jihar Kaduna kyauta na yabo, an kuma yi taron lafiya aka kuma kare lafiya.

Wane irin fashin baki za ka yiwa jawabin Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari da ya gabatar domin taya mutane murnar shiga sabuwar shekara?

Wusono:  To, ai abin da za mu ce Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari bai ma san matsalar da mutanen Najeriya ke fuskanta ba. Saboda abin da mutane suka dauka zai yi tsokaci a kan matsalolin da mutane ke fuskanta da nufin kawo masu dauki, misali na rashin tsaro da hanyoyin da za a bi domin magance matsalar, matsalar talauci da ya adabi mutane, kowa ya dauka zai ce za a fara wasu shirye shirye da nufin kawowa mutane daukin da ya kamace su, an dauka zai ce an dauki wasu matakai na kawowa mutane saukin yunwar da suke ciki a yau da damuwa iri iri. Wani abu kuma kowa na tunanin zai ce wani abu dangane da matsalar man fetur, ya kamata a matsayinsa na shugaban kasa kuma ministan mai ya kamata ce daga ranar da ya yi magana a samun saukin lamarin to, amma sai ya koma yana zargin wasu a kan matsalar, idan shugaban kasa ya zargi mutane, to, wanene kuma ya rage. Jawabinsa kawai ya yi ne tamkar na teburin mai shayi wanda a fili ya nuna bai san abin da kasar take ciki ba.

Wace hanya kake ganin za a bi domin samo bakin zaren matsalar rashin man fetur da ta jefa kasar da ‘ya’yanta cikin rashin tabbas, ganin kullum matsalar kara habaka take yi?

Wusono: Shi ne shugaban kasa ya yarda cewa ya gaza ya sauka a koma yi wani zabe, ta hanyar zaben wani da zai jagoranci gwamnatin da za ta iya maganin wannan matsala ta rashin man fetur irin yadda jam’iyyar PDP ta yi, ta warware wannan matsalar tun lokacin jagorancin marigayi Ummaru Musa ‘Yar Aduwa Allah ya gafarta masa amen. Da aka shiga irin wannan matsalar sai ya rage kudin man fetur wanda a tarihin Najeriya ba a taba yi irin sa ba, kuma ya samar da man fetur wadatacce wadda sai yanzu wannan gwamnatin ta zo ta gaza magance matsalar to, kawai tunda ba zai iya ba, ya sauka a nemo irin su Ummarun su zo su ci gaba da mulkin Najeriya.

Wace hanya kake ganin za a dauka a samo bakin zaren rikice rikicen zubar da jini da a yanzu ke faruwa a wasu sassan Arewancin kasar nan musamman a Jihohin Binuwai, da kan iyakar Taraba da Adamawa? Wanda ya sanya wani jigon jam’iyyar ku daga wani bangare na kasar nan fitowa ya nuna cewa da irin yadda gwamnati take nuna halin ko in kula ga wannan matsalar ya isa duniya ta fahimci cewa gwamnatin su Buhari ta gaza. Kai yaya kake kallon wannan lamari?

Wusono:  Lokacin da PDP take mulki, jam’iyyar APC ta zarge ta da rikicin Boko Haram har ana ganin tamkar mu ne mu ka kawo shi wannan ta’asar. Yanzu Jam’iyyar APC na mulki, Boko Haram na nan, tana ci gaba da ayyukanta har ya sanya karo na farko a tarihin kasar shugaban kasa yana neman gudumuwar zunzurutun kudi har Dala Biliyan daya domin mayar da wannan matsalar tarihi, ashe matsalar tana nan, kuma cewar da ake yi a mayar da ita tarihi ashe labarin kanzon kurege ne kawai ake yiwa mutane matsalar tana nan, kuma ga alama akwai babban kalubale tunda gashi maimakon a tunkari wata matsalar dake damun mutane sai gashi ana neman gudumuwar irin wadannan kudade domin maganin matsalar daya ke nan. Na biyu, can baya ba a garkuwa da mutane, amma yanzu matsalar ta zama ruwan dare, kai ka rage bayyani tunda a nan Jihar Kaduna an bi sarkin yanka har gidansa an kashe shi tare da matarsa, har yanzu ba wani cikakken bayyani dangane da wadanda suka aikata wannan munannan aiki. An kuma sace sarkin yanka a nan Kaduna, to sarakai yanka ana sace su masu dogarai da ‘yansanda to sauran mutane kuma ai sai a hankali, kai ma din nan da ka zo fira da ni, da za a ji kasa mu wasu manyan kudi za ka shiga jin tsoro ka da a sace ka. Saboda haka ‘Yan Najeriya sun shiga cikin halin ka-ka-ni-ka-yi, domin kuwa ya ce APC ta gaza ai ba karya ya yi ba, a cikin alkawarin da APC ta yi guda dari ka lissafa mani guda biyar da ta cika, ba ko daya, amma ta yaudari mutane sai dai Alhamdulillahi mutane sun fahimce ta, kuma suna nan suna kokarin gyara kuskuren da su ka yi a shekarar zabe mai zuwa, insha’Allah.

Yaya kake ganin matsalar korar malamai da Gwamnatin Malam Nasiru ta aiwatar wadda a yau ta sanya sauran malaman sanya wandon daya da ita gwamnatin ta hanyar shiga yajin aiki inda ita kuma gwamnatin ta ba su tukwincin cewa duk wanda ya tafi yajin aikin ya kori kansa?

Wusono: To, ai dama korar mutane sabon abu ne wajen Gwamnatin su el Rufai? Sanadi take nema, nawa ta kora, sai ta kora gabadaya saboda ilimin talakawa bai dame su ba. Halin da talakawa suke ciki bai dame su ba, gwamna ya yi alkawarin da an zabe shi dan shi zai dawo ya ci gaba da karatu a makarantar talakawa, har yau bai kai dan shi ko daya ba. Yanzu ya sake fitowa da wata yaudara, wai zai gyara ilimi ya dawo danshi a makarantar talakawan har ya fadi sunan dan, an yaudari talakawa kafin zabe, yanzu ma ana neman a sake yaudarar su. Maganar cewa malaman da suka tafi yajin aiki, ai gaskiyar su, sun ma makara, inda sun bi tunanin talakawa tun lokacin da ya fara maganar zai koran ya kamata a ce sun tafi yajin aikin. Yanzu sun makara, sai dai abin tamkar kallon jirgin jaki ne, jaki ne jirgi ya doso sai yana cewa mene ne wancan ke zuwa bai ankara ba sai da jirgin ya buge shi. Ma’aikata su ce ba za su je yajin aiki ba ka da ya kore su, wannan suna yaudarar kansu ne, kuma idan mutum ya ce zai kashe ka, a addinin mu na Musulunci bai ce ka kwanta ya zo ya kashe ka ba, kai ma ya kamata ka dauki naka makamin da za ka kare kanka, idan ka yi sa a ka kashe shi, shi ke nan, idan kuma shi ya kashe ka, shi ke nan. Yadda za su kashe wannan mutum shi ne su rike kuri’ar su a zaben 2019 su buge shi kamar yadda ya buge su, mu PDP idan mu ka ci zabe a 2019 duk wanda gwamnatin APC ta kora a wannan jihar za mu dawo dashi a bakin aikin sa insha’Allah.

I advised Ortom against anti-grazing law – Gov Lalong


The Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong, on Thursday said he advised his Benue State counterpart, Samuel Ortom, against implementing the anti-grazing law on his state.

Clashes between locals and herdsmen had led to the death of several people in Benue State since the beginning of the new year.

Speaking with State House correspondents after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, Mr. Lalong said his state used to face the same problem as Benue.

He said, however, that his decision to embrace ranching has led to peace in Plateau State. Excerpt:

Q: What dis you discuss with the President?

A: I just returned from my vacation and I felt I should come and see Mr. President especially as my state celebrated Christmas and new year peacefully, to wish him happy new year and brief him on the happenings in the state in the last one year. With the support I am getting from Mr. President, we are having relative peace. So I came to brief him, especially when you see insecurity in neighbouring states, so that if there are areas of improvement, we will also do the improvement so that we don’t have cases like we are seeing.

Q: So what’s the secret to the relative peace you are enjoying in the state?

A: I have said it a number of times, it is a matter of accommodating interests; you take everybody as your own. In Plateau state, I did that because when I came, I inherited a protracted crisis in the state. And so my first priority was how to handle this crisis and ensure we have peace in Plateau State. Within three months, we were able to achieve peace in Plateau State. Most of the lingering crisis were between farmers and herdsmen in Plateau. But today in most parts of the state, you will see beautiful relationship between herdsmen and farmers.

At the end of last year, something small happened. But I’m not saying it was between herdsmen and farmers. It was as a result of criminal activities, and so we focused on fishing out those criminals. Most of the crisis that happened was not on the farm, it was just pockets of people; Christians and Muslims killing one another; and so we addressed those issues, we are handling them.

Let me also say that Plateau was one of those that embraced ranching. I had a lot of opposition initially when I said Plateau was keying into ranching. Some states said they don’t have land but I said whether I have land or not, we have to provide land for ranching, because that I see as solution to the conflicts. In Plateau, we have gone far, we have donated land voluntarily, many people donated land for ranching.

Last year, I sent a 12-man team to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, they spent almost a week there to study and the team was headed by former Vice Chancellor of University of Jos, Professor Onazi. We went round all the communities in Plateau, it took three months and Plateau people, including the Fulanis accepted that we must embrace ranching.

Ranching as a concept is a policy and there are states realizing the importance of the policy. I cannot wake up like some people said last year that I should go and do anti-grazing law. And I asked: anti-grazing law for what? We are talking about ranching, we are talking about development of livestock business and I cannot use the word anti to start driving people who are interested. It is for those who are interested to come and get involved in it.

Secondly, I can’t implement anti-grazing law. There are levels of implementation which will require government intervention, provision of ranchers. And thirdly, when you are talking of ranching, it is a component of agriculture business, you will also require subsidy. Subsidy must come from federal and state governments. And by the time we develop it and put every structure on ground, then we can bring laws to regulate the implementation. So I don’t want to jump one step before the other.

Q: So why did you not advise your colleagues about this?

A: To be honest with you, I did. I told the Governor of Benue when he was doing the law; I said look, why don’t you tread softly, just be careful, take other steps before you start implementation. But you see, states are different, his own concepts are different and for us on the Plateau is different. I said I will not do the law before implementation. I have not developed the ranching areas, so I cannot go and say I will put a law, to stop who? If I stop the people, what is the alternative?

So I said do consultations, allow the people to understand and buy into the concepts.

Q: You are talking about ranching and the federal government is now talking about colonies, what does that mean?

A: For me, anytime I hear anything about agriculture, I don’t jump into conclusions, I go and study it. Yesterday (Wednesday), I was at the federal ministry with my agricultural team, commissioner and others, we spent almost five hours because I said they must convince me and explain to me what colony is. So that when I go back, just like I did with ranching, I will go and tell my people that this is the concept. When I had the briefing with them, I was convinced about colony.

They said the difference between colony and ranches is that one is bigger than the other. You get a very big field, you get investors, demarcate the area, somebody will ranch bees, somebody will ranch goats, somebody will ranch cattle, but government will develop the place, put grasses, water and anybody who is coming in must pay. And you cannot go and force any land, is voluntary land that government has. For me in Plateau, we have two large areas already, that is the concept and my eyes is already going back.

So, they are saying they are going to visit the place as part of the solution to farmers/herdsmen clashes in my state.

When Plateau wanted anti-grazing law and I asked against who? and they said against a particular tribe. And I said, tell me who in Plateau who is not into open grazing? Seventeen local governments we are all into open grazing. Is either you are grazing cattle, goat, sheep, or even chicken because the law will protect and restrict the movement of all these animals, these are general livestock. If you are talking of this thing, we will take a holistic approach in preparing for implementation. And when you do that, with a lot of consultation like we are done in Plateau… when I got back, I heard the Fulanis were moving from state to state sensitizing their people on the need to embrace ranching.

Q: But people say providing colony is a way of pampering the herdsmen?

A: Let me tell you, nobody said ranching is only for Fulani herdsmen. Like I said, in Plateau, I said ranching is everybody’s business. Many youths, thousands of graduates have registered, ready to go into that business. It is everybody’s business. We must help the federal government to find ways of addressing issues because agriculture is not just agriculture now, it is now a means of diversification. And if you have to diversify, it is serious business for everyone, it is not for a tribe.

So I said if we have to encourage people to go into ranching, I will not use the word anti.

Q: What is your comments regarding the coming local government elections in your state?

A: I want to assure that sometimes when you see conflicts or problems in an election, it is when there is no primaries, when people engage themselves in carnivals.

In Plateau, when you go and ask of the best primaries, they will tell you it was the last primaries organised by the APC. So, if we had good primaries, definitely you can be rest assured that you are looking forward to the best of local government elections.

Q: What was the President’s response after your meeting?

A: He was very happy. Of course, the president is always happy when he hears that, number one, your state is peaceful; and two, that you are paying salaries up to date. For me, salary is no longer an issue. Last December, I started paying gratuity. So, I came to tell him that through his efforts, you can see what bailout is doing to compliment the efforts of what some state governors are doing, so that we don’t start condemning governors anyhow.

In my state, I inherited 11 months arrears and eight months of pensions; and today I have cleared them. I am now into payment of arrears of gratuity and development projects. Let me not forget, part of the visit was to ask for a shift of date in the president’s visit to the state from January to February, and he has agreed. And he said I will come any time you want me to come.


Buhari’s Uncle, Mamman Daura Is Dead

A former Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Technical Aid Corps, TAC, scheme, and President Muhammadu Buhari’s uncle, Ambassador Mamman Daura, has died.
Daily Trust reports that Daura died on Wednesday after a protracted illness and was buried on Thursday after funeral prayers at the Emir of Daura’s palace in Katsina State.
Ambassador Daura, born in Daura, Katsina State in 1946, was Nigeria’s Ambassador to Uganda for 11 years and had served in Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Belgium and Cameroon.
He served as TAC director for two terms before leaving in 2013.
Daura, a graduate of Maryland University in the United States of America (USA), started his working career with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 1967 before moving to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1969.
He left behind his aged mother, wife, brothers, sisters and children.